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Social media is a vital part of digital marketing, but many people focus only on Facebook and Twitter. While these are the largest social media platforms, there are 5 others that you need to test. These platforms can offer you an exposure that you cannot get on Facebook and Twitter, but you need to use them wisely.

Pinterest is ideal for any business that has a good visual base. This will include lifestyle product companies, designers and artists. The visual aspect of your business is important with Pinterest because the platform works with large pictures and small amounts of text.

When it comes to adverts, you will be using Promoted Pins. These adverts blend in with the rest of the pins users see and will not be obtrusive. To create a Pinterest advert, you need to have a picture that is at least 600 pixels wide and visually appealing.

Snapchat is a good platform if your target audience is on the younger side. The user base of Snapchat in the 18 to 24 age demographic is 78% which is a huge market. Snapchat also had multiple advert types that you can use including Sponsored Filters. Story ads are a good option, but they need to be short videos that are Snapchat-specific.

If your business is more focused on B2B, you should be looking at using LinkedIn. This is a professional social network which means B2C businesses may also have some success with advertising here. There are 3 types of LinkedIn adverts that you can choose and they are Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Job Results. The one you choose will depend on who you want to target on the platform.

Many people view the question and answer platform Quora as a waste of time in terms of advertising. However, the platform has over 300 million unique visitors each month and a variety of topics which are ideal for any marketer. All that is left is for you to find your market and set up your ads. There are 2 types of adverts that you can use on Quora which are Promoted Answers and image or text adverts.

There are many marketers who stay away from Reddit because of controversies in the past. However, this platform has 234 million unique users and is the sixth most visited on the internet which is one of the reasons you should test it. The adverts you can use have been designed to flow into the feed of users and not stand out too much. To start testing Reddit, you will need to identify the right subreddits to target.

While Facebook and Twitter are the go-to social media platforms for marketing, there are many others that you should consider. Of course, you need to consider the content of your adverts and how they flow with the rest of the content on the platform. Testing Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit and Quora could lead to a new marketing channel that outperforms many others.