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Facebook Messenger is becoming a widely used marketing channel and you need to get into this. The reason for this is easy to understand when you consider this marketing has 80% open rates and 60% clickthrough rates. If you are new to this marketing channel, there are 4 ways that you can be successful.

Use A Private Auto-Responder
There are chat bots that you can use to contact people who post comments on your Facebook page. When someone posts a comment on your Facebook page, the bot will send them a Messenger reply automatically. The message that is sent will be one you create and will help you turn user engagement into leads.

It is important to note that the user will not turn into a lead until they reply on Messenger. This Messenger marketing strategy will work with your Facebook post strategy. This is due to the fact that your posts need to encourage comments and engagement which trigger this bot.

Use Chat Blasting
The name of this Facebook Messenger strategy does sound a bit spammy, but it is the same as email blasting. You will be sending the same message to everyone on your Facebook list. The benefit of this over email blasting is the open rate which is 70% to 80% within 1 hour. This is a rate that you are not going to get with emails.

However, before you start using this strategy, you need to get into Facebook’s good graces and apply for subscription messaging. This is easier than you might imagine as you simply have to go to your Facebook page settings and the Messenger Platform. You should then head to the Advanced Messaging Features and click on the request option for subscription messaging. Once you have been approved, you will be able to chat blast people who have opted in.

Use A Click To Messenger Ad
A Messenger ad is a type of Facebook advert where the conversion action is to send a message. The viewer of the advert will not click on the offer to learn more and will instead send you a Facebook message. This method will add interested people to your contact list and they are cheaper than traditional Facebook adverts.

Once your target user has sent the message, your chat bot is going to take over. They will then lead the person through your sales funnel and convert them into a lead. This interaction is generally preferred over a landing page because it gives the appearance that they are talking to a real person.

Use A Chat Widget
The use of Facebook Messenger is not limited to the Facebook website and can be used on your website. To do this, you need to use a chat widget that allows your website visitor to message you. The widget will pop up on your website and ask the visitor to continue the conversation through Messenger. Once the person clicks on this, you have a lead.

There are many ways that you can successfully use Facebook Messenger marketing to increase the leads and sales of your business. These methods include chat blasting, using chat auto-responders and chat widgets.