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How To Use Twitter For Generating Leads by Kimberly Jean Fricke

Twitter is a great tool for generating leads. It is easy to find potential customers on Twitter.

How do you collect leads on Twitter?

You create an informational video or interesting free report that talk about the biggest problems of your potential customers. Teach them something useful in your report. And the report should help them get better results.

Most michigan people have tried using Twitter. But they have failed. Some of these people stop using Twitter. It is easy to generate leads on Twitter, but you must know what you are doing.

The following are the best ways for generating leads on Twitter.

1. Survey Your Followers:
What is your follower’s biggest problem? It is easy to know your potential customer’s biggest problem. Ask your followers. Some of them will respond to your tweets.

You will know the most common problem they are facing. How? Because each follower will respond with the problem they are facing.

2. Offer a Solution:
Once you know the most common problem they are facing, it is now time to help them solve this problem.

How do you achieve this? You create a free report. It can be a free eBook or video. Do not rush to complete report. Create a quality report that teaches them how to overcome the problem.

A quality report helps to build trust with your followers.

3. Create a Landing Page:
Create a landing page for collecting contact information. What do you include on your landing page?

Firstly, a headline that describes your follower’s biggest problem.

Secondly, write a short paragraph describing the problem and what they will learn by downloading your free report.

Do not use the landing page to promote your products. Its purpose is to collect contact information.

Once the landing page is ready, write a tweet describing their problem and how you can help them solve that problem. Include a link to your landing page. Most of your followers will click the link. And some of these followers will sign up to get the free report.

You focused on their problem, so most people will check it out because they have this problem. They want to solve it. So, they will get your free report.

4. Include Tweet Button:
Some people may want to say thank you for the free report. If they really like your report, they will definitely want to share it with their friends. And they may share it with their Twitter followers.

Want to make it easier for these people to share your landing page? Just include a tweet button. It is easy to create a tweet button.

Do not be afraid to ask your followers to share your landing page with their friends. And ask them to retweet your tweets. If several people retweet your tweets, you will get referral traffic easily. And it is easy to convert this traffic.

You now know how to use Twitter to generate leads. Follow these tips, especially if you have been trying to generate leads on Twitter for several years. Twitter is great for generating leads. But you will never succeed if you do not use it properly.