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Are you trying to have a lot of success on social media? If you have not used social media for business as much as you should have, you might be struggling to get enough followers to support your business and help you reach your goals. It does not mean that your business cannot benefit hundreds of thousands of people, but it does mean that you are probably not using social media correctly. Follow these five helpful tips that can make such a difference.

Have a Unique Strategy for Different Social Media Platforms

Always come up with a unique strategy for each social media site. Different people use different social sites more often. What works on what platform is not always going to work on another platform. If you have followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and they are all constantly seeing the same thing, they might decide to unfollow you. Offer exclusive content on each site to get more followers and more traffic to your website. While it does require more work, it is necessary.

Perform Detailed Targeted Audience Research

Do some thorough research on your targeted audience. You need to ask yourself a few questions when performing this research, such as:

  • Who can benefit from the products that I am offering?
  • Why would someone want to use my products?
  • What are the advantages of using the products that I sell?
  • What sets my business apart from some of my competition?

When answering these questions, you can get a better idea of who you need to target. Once you know who to target, you need to learn more about the audience. You should find out what they like and dislike. You need to know what keeps them interested and engaged.

Create Compelling Content That Does Not Sound Like a Sales Pitch

Always offer compelling content that people are going to want to read or view. Avoid making your content sound like a sales pitch. If you are constantly talking about products that people should buy, the consumers are not going to be interested in reading your content or watching your videos. Try to tell stories and add a personal touch to everything you post.

Have Conversations with Your Followers Each Day

Always talk to your followers each day. Respond to comments, answer any questions, and offer advice when it is needed. Your followers support you and you need to show them that you appreciate the support.

Start Posting More Videos and Going Live

Many social media users like to watch videos instead of reading through content. The videos give them visuals of everything that would normally be mentioned in a blog post. You can also start gaining new followers by choosing to go live on different social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. When you go live, you can interact directly with your followers at that very moment while telling stories and explaining details about the different products you sell. Some business owners will go live while providing tutorials to people that are interested in what they are selling.

Follow these five social media tips and you should start to have more success. You can gain new followers and get more traffic to your website.