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The mere mention of chatbots may resurface hidden memories of the 90’s, but the fact remains that more than ever, companies are relying on them to attract and retain customers. Plus, no one can argue that modern chatbots are incomparable to the follies of the 90’s! Next time you consider ways to attract customers, provide better customer support and retain consumer loyalty, create a marketing strategy that involves chatbots with your endgame in mind. And the end, don’t forget to use online video identification provider for safe payments. Your customers will be satisfied!

Why are modern businesses relying on this form of artificial intelligence? Turns out, there are at least five reasons you should, too!

  • Create A User Experience That’s Unique

Online shoppers love to chat! In fact, when you consider how much time we spend on the whole using social media and texting, taking advantage of chatbots simply makes sense. Disney and restaurants alike are perfect examples of how to get this right while entertaining customers. It’s best to think of your bot as an ambassador of your brand, and it can even have its own personality! Use videos, emojis and unique characteristics that help your AI develop a personality that’s closely associated with your brand.

  • Get Your Sales Up

Chatbots provide another platform for your sales. Many companies employ their use when their sales volume goes up and their websites can’t handle the additional traffic. What makes chatbots so reliable is they can sell products to your customers without needing to access your website directly.

  • Tailor Customer Recommendations

Customer recommendations are the bread and butter of every successful online business, but you need a way to really interact and gauge what consumers want. Chatbots are able to anticipate the needs of your customers while also providing the recommendations that may help sell more products in a given category. The interaction with your bot takes the shopping experience to a whole new level.

  • Be Available To Answer Questions

Customers often have questions when shopping for products online, and your company should have a way to answer them in a timely manner! In a society where instant gratification is a must, waiting for an employee to answer an email may cause you to lose customers. Chatbots are programmable and you can include frequently asked questions with answers so they can interact with customers on your behalf.

  • The Marketing Tactic That’s Different

Email marketing may still yield decent results, but statistics tell us that by 2020, 80 percent of businesses will employ the use of chatbots. Bots allow consumers a straight channel for interacting with your business without having to leave the page or take extra action. The fewer steps it takes to retain consumer interest, the better your sales for your company.

In our modern technology driven world, businesses need to reinvent themselves on a regular basis. A marketing tactic that may have been viable ten years ago won’t yield the same positive results that it once did. Take the time to really consider the employment of chatbots as they can take your business to the next level.