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Kimberly Jean Fricke

Social media marketing specialist

Kimberly Jean Fricke has a wealth of knowledge in leadership, management, sales and marketing.

Since 1985, she has specialized in working closely with professional services firms on their risk management needs, particularly in the areas of professional services agreements and other risk management requirements for their firm’s unique needs.

Kimberly Jean Fricke has a long history of marketing, with a specialization in social media marketing.

Kimberly is a past member of the ACEC MI Risk Management Committee and the AIA Summer Conference Committee. In 2004, the Society of Marketing Design Professional Services (SMPS) announced the selection of Kimberly Jean Fricke as a member of its Board of Influence.

Kimberly has been invited to give numerous speeches and seminars for various professional associations and has taught risk management on an ad hoc basis at major universities. Various industry publications have requested interviews, published written articles, and have frequently quoted Kimberly’s comments and recommendations on specific industry issues.